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Crossroads MINISTRY of Estes Park
June 2014
04:00 PM MDT
June 2014
09:21 PM MDT
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About Our Auction


During September 2013, epic rain high in the Rocky Mountains resulted in historic flooding and devastation in Estes Park, Colorado and its nearby mountain canyon communities, the home of ROCKY MOUNTAIN MEMORIES & PAPER ARTS STUDIO. Now nine months later, efforts continue to restore lives, dwellings, property, roads & their access, business opportunities, and the general welfare of the whole of Estes Park and its connecting people, peaks, canyons and valleys, the Front Range, and Northern Colorado. Most of the financial loss was of the character & scale that could not be insured against. Thousands have been overwhelmed by their unrecoverable losses. Still, Estes Park and its down steam neighbors remain Mountain Strong.

Estes Park officials asked donors to route their monetary gifts through Crossroads MINISTRY, a long sustaining community work that we are well familiar. We trust Crossroads as a good steward of our time & resources over the years. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with 32 years of history of providing food and assistance to people, and now with the impacts of the September Floods, when disasters attack vulnerable people.

Crossroads placed the donations into a transparent Flood Relief Fund and implemented a Flood Relief Program to use the funds for Coloradans and families impacted by the flood.

To date, $309,517 has been spent in direct flood relief for individuals and families. Crossroads, with its army of unpaid volunteers, has provided more than 725 flood relief assists for debris removal and clean-up, household costs for generators, water tanks, mold remediation, supplies and repairs, rent and mortgage payments for displaced people, utility assists, auto rentals, laundry and medical assists.

Crossroads continues to receive requests for help. They have been advised by FEMA that given the severity of this flood disaster, Crossroads Flood Relief will be taxed by unmet needs to the end of this year if not later.

Crossroads MINISTRY’S flood relief dollars are being depleted. Our purpose here is to see them replenished so that their good humanitarian work continues.

From June 12 through the 22nd, Rocky Mountain Memories, with the support and generous donations from artists across the country, are hosting an online auction for their creative works of art. Your purchases, contributions and donations will assist us greatly in accomplishing our mission.

Starting 4:00 PM June 12th, we ask all FRIENDS, ARTISTS, SCRAPPERS, CRAFTERS & PEOPLE everywhere to log on to the Colorado Flood Relief Auction and safely bid & bid often on our 30 piece collection of inspired leading works by nationally recognized talents, including Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi, Lisa Pace, Ronda Palazzari, Candy Colwell, Jim Hankins, Anita Houston, Marjie Kemper, Yvonne Blair, Richard Spinney, Linda Ledbetter, Hels Sheridan, Susan Mostek, and ROCKY MOUNTAIN MEMORIES own Cheryl Grigsby.

If you miss the opportunity to purchase one of our auction pieces, please visit Colorado Flood Relief Auction and generously DONATE to this cause. Over and above the art, we hope to raise $20,000 to give a big shot in the arm to Crossroads MINISTRY and the many people it well serves. To accomplish that lofty goal we need you to PRINT, LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET AND REPOST our campaign to all your FRIENDS, FAMILY, FOUNDATIONS, LIKE MINDED PEOPLE & FOLLOWERS at large who love life in our part of the Rocky Mountains, are artists at heart, or can see good purpose in paying their blessings forward.

FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact:

Rick & Cheryl Grigsby
Rocky Mountain Memories
Estes Park, Colorado
970.231.4016 (mobile)
970.577.1415 (store)

About Crossroads MINISTRY of Estes Park

Crossroads MINISTRY of Estes Park Colorado Flood Relief Effort.

Crossroads operates as a Christian service organization in Estes Park, Colorado providing food & financial assistance to the most vulnerable people while raising opportunities and encouraging self-sufficiency. No one is discriminated against. All are served equally.

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