RIP Silent Art Auction

June 2020
07:00 AM CDT
August 2020
06:00 PM CDT
GOAL $2,000.00
51.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

Artists long for the restoration of integrity in our politics. So much so, that these artists have donated their labors to that end. Proceeds will be directed by the RIP PAC to candidates that have taken the Pro-Truth Pledge. Please consider this work in the spirit in which it is donated, and thank an artist for making our lives richer. The auction will proceed both live at Echo Gallery in Johnson City and online, with daily bid updates in both tallies. The online auction culminates on Saturday, August 1st at 6:00 pm, transitioning to a live silent auction concluding at 6:30 pm. Winning bidders will be notified that evening.

About Restoring Integrity in Politics PAC (RIPPAC)

RIP PAC will support candidates of integrity in the USA 2020 general elections. Recipient candidates must have taken the Pro-Truth Pledge.

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Live Event Information

This auction will transition to a live auction at Echo Gallery on Saturday, August 1st, running from 6:00 to 6:30 pm. Echo is located at 100 N. Nugent Avenue, Johnson City, TX. Echo is the "non-gallery art gallery".