Rock by the Sea, Inc
October 2021
06:00 PM EDT
October 2021
10:33 PM EDT

About Our Auction

ROCK BY THE SEA PUT-IN-BAY 2021 is a 3 night charity music festival raising money for charities delivering direct services and other children's charities.

There will also be a Live Auction for those in attendance...see the schedule for more information.

Rock by the Sea raises money predominantly for pediatric and brain cancer research and programs for families dealing with these insidious diseases.
This Auction will take place from October 11 - 17, 2022.

About Rock by the Sea, Inc

Rock by the Sea, Inc is dedicated to organizing music festivals and events where we raise money to assist deserving charities who provide direct services to those in need. Every Rock by the Sea event is an intimate showcase of music designed to bring people together for the love of music and the common goal of helping these charities. In 15 years we have donated over $800,000 to various charities. RBTS was inspired by Sister Hazel's Lyrics for Life and The Rock Boat, we celebrate that inspiration.

Rock by the Sea is led completely by volunteers: no employees. It is a community, a family...of volunteers, musicians, charities and fans of music who travel from all over the country (and from other countries) to attend these events.

Each event is about more than the music, it is about charity, it is about making the world a little better. It is about healing sick children's body and soul through our efforts.
But, it is about more than just the charity.
It is about the community.
It is about discovering new music and hanging out with artists.
It is about making new friends and bringing your old ones into a community of some pretty fantastic people.
It is about fueling your soul.

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