Pattie Malloy's JOurneY Auction /Dinner on 9/21/22

Pattie Malloy's JOurneY Dinner/Auction - 9/21
August 2022
08:00 AM EDT
September 2022
09:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The purpose of the Pattie’s Journey auction is to raise funds to underwrite critically needed research that will deliver more effective treatment options for brain tumor patients. This undertaking is proudly done in memory of Pattie Malloy who passed away after a seven-year challenging journey that included three long and painful surgeries and countless hours of physical and mental therapy.

Many brain tumor patients and their families sadly learn that once surgery is no longer a viable option because of the tumor’s location, quite often the treatments offered patients are experimental and listed as compassionate use drugs.

The Malloy family is Blessed with the gift of no regret in their efforts to save Pattie because she received skilled medical care and the best treatment medicine currently available.

But more needs to be done; and the organized efforts of Pattie’s Journey will make a meaningful contribution to this goal.

About Pattie Malloy's JOurneY Dinner/Auction - 9/21

Pattie's Journey is a fundraising organization established in memory of Pattie Malloy who waged a faith-filled seven year fight with a brain tumor before she passed on 8/3/21. In the spirit of Pattie always finding a measure of JOY in every part of her challenging medical JOurneY, we have forged our pain into something bigger than our grief and the organization exists to raise funds to support the great work of the Penn Medicine Brain Tumor Research Center at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
Our first effort will be a fundraising "birthday" dinner set for Wednesday, September 21 to celebrate Pattie's life and legacy, on what would have been her 65th birthday. The goal of Pattie's Journey is to make a meaningful financial contribution to research that will lead to better treatment options for brain tumor patients and their families.

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