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P.A.L.S for Healing
November 2017
05:00 PM EST
December 2017
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About Our Auction

Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy and healthy. In the United States, nearly 90% of domestic violence assaults are witnessed by children. You can help them break the cycle.

Roughly 70% of military families don’t live on military bases; soldiers and veterans are our neighbors, friends and family. Even National Guard and Reserve units deploy every four to five years, not including the months of additional training. You can help families find ways to build resiliency.

One in twenty-eight children in America have an incarcerated parent. The family members left behind must pick up the pieces and find ways to cope. You can help them heal and gain resources to reconstruct their family.

The long-term impact from some of these situations can have devastating consequences if families don’t find healing and healthy ways to convey their experiences. P.A.L.S. for Healing walks with families, helping them express themselves and gain support through art therapy and trauma-informed therapies. We recognize that each child and adult are unique and will work with them to identify the best method for them to grow. P.A.L.S. for Healing will offer these services regardless of their ability to pay or insurance restrictions.

Throughout 2017, P.A.L.S. for Healing has provided more than $10,000 worth of counseling at little to no cost for those unable to pay. We cannot do this alone though, and we need your help. You can help change the course of a life and give our current and future clients a bright future by bidding on some of the wonderful items we have available for this holiday season.

About P.A.L.S for Healing

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people who have suffered trauma and/or loss heal through art therapy, EMDR and other trauma informed therapies, improving overall health. We provide individual and group therapy at one of our three locations and at community partner locations. We also offer professional trainings and workshops.

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