2020 Oseibo Extravaganza

September 2020
03:00 PM PDT
November 2020
09:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

While we cannot meet in person, we still have many wonderful items for you to consider for your year-end gift needs.

Our very first Oseibo Extravaganza is the first of what we hope will be many online events in the coming year. The 2020 Oseibo Extravaganze will run between November 15 and November 30. Your purchases can be shipped (fees apply) or local customers (LA) can choose to pick up their items on one of two designated times.

Additional items are available at our online store at www.hongwanjiplace.com.

About Hongwanji Place

Hongwanji Place is a non-profit organization offering Jodo Shinshu/Buddhist themed items including books, Nenju and other gift merchandise. Established in 1984 by the Southern District Dharma School Teachers League Special Projects Committee to provide access to Jodo Shinshu related items.

In 1999, we became a non-profit organization and our first store location was established on 1st St. in Little Tokyo. We are currently located at Senshin Buddhist Temple. Through the years, we have facilitated publication of numerous Jodo Shinshu books, and fostered the proliferation of Jodo Shinshu through the sale of Nenju, and other religious themed gift items.

Our 100% volunteer staff makes most of our Nenju and Udenenju. We also offer Nenju repair. We also have a full line of Jodo Shinshu gift items and accessories for Obon, Hatsumairi, and graduation;

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