OLMC April Auction

April 2021
10:00 AM EDT
April 2021
06:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Our club is known to host the biggest jewellery, gem and mineral show in the Ottawa region every year since 1966. Unfortunately, the pandemic did not allow us to host such a big even in 2020 and unless major changes are seen, the chances of a major show in 2021 are not looking great.

This is why we want to make it up to you, the jewellery maker, gemstone enthusiast, avid mineral collector and all the others who love jewellery and geology the way we do. This small auction is start to make up what we couldnt offer you in 2020. This auction has 139 lots of jewellery, mineral specimen, faceted gemstones, lapidary rough, etc.

Members of the Club usually can put up for sale their creations or mineral samples in our store for a 20% cut of the proceeds going to the club. This time, we are offering the chance for members to put up to 5 of their best pieces up for the April auction. We know with the pandemic a lot of members have been sorting out their collection and this is the best time to sell. This is also a way for buyers to support a small business affected by the pandemic.

With the pandemic affecting our main source of income (the gem show), the club is exploring different types of events to bring more services to members, jewellers, lapidary enthusiasts and mineral collectors across the Ottawa region.

We are in the process of re-organizing the club to make sure it survives the financial impact of the pandemic. With the procceeds from this auction, we will be able to make new ways to offer content and activities for our members and host future auctions.

If this is a success, we might consider doing this event bi-annual with more lots or monthly with less lots. The club recognizes that the future is online and in this current time where we are confined to our homes, let us bring you a bit of the outside world.

You will need to create an account with your name and email adress to be able to bid on auction items. This is to prevent wrongdoers from driving up the bids with no intention of buying the items.

Don't hesitate to email or check the FAQ for any technical questions. Due to the large volume of items up for auction, questions about specific items will not be answered. Bids are in 1$ CAD increments.

Please enjoy the auction and good luck to everyone.

If you want to support us directly, please go to our gofundme: https://ca.gofundme.com/f/help-the-ottawa-lapsmith-and-mineral-club

About Ottawa Lapidary & Mineral Club (OLMC)

The Ottawa Lapsmith Club was founded as a small interest group in 1966. The club incorporated in 1997 and amalgamated with the Ottawa Valley Mineral Association to form the Ottawa Lapsmith & Mineral Club, thus expanding its field of interest to minerology as well as the many facets of lapidary work. Our club also organises an Annual Gem & Mineral Show in September each year, and it is always a big hit with local residents and rockhounds alike. New members are welcome to join at anytime.

Our club maintains a well-equipped 1500 sq. ft. workshop at 190-1C Collonade Road in Ottawa. The workshop is used for meetings, courses, and as a place where members can work independently during supervised workshop hours. The machinery available includes saws, flat laps, silicon carbide and diamond wheel grinders, faceting machines, silversmith tools and tumblers. A small Newsletter is free to members. From time to time, there are demonstrations, field trips and other special activities.

Collectively, our members have a wealth of talent and knowledge, which they are always willing to share with beginners and advanced users alike. We welcome everyone with an interest in mineralogy, jewellery or gemstones.

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