Orange County Children's Museum's Youth Market

Orange County Children's Museum
September 2022
01:00 AM PDT
October 2022
11:45 PM PDT
GOAL $5,000.00
38.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

OCCM provides a variety of educational opportunities to engage the whole family, including events, activities, DIY projects, classes, contests, and more. We are asking for support for a specific program called the Youth Business Market.
The Youth Business Market gives children of all ages the opportunity to dream up a product or service, build a business plan, create the products, and market their ideas. At the one-day marketplace the Young Entrepreneurs can speak with the public about their passion, as well as practice their real-life business and financial skills selling their ideas.

About Orange County Children's Museum

With hands-on, interactive exhibits designed for children ages birth - 18. At OCCM, our mission is to engage the minds, muscles, and imaginations of children and the grown-ups that care about them. OCCM focuses on learning through play, with emphasis on early childhood education and school-readiness.

At OCCM, we believe:
Families are our children’s first and most important teachers
Young children learn best through play
Diversity enriches children’s lives
Learning is lifelong process
Play changes the world

At OCCM, we strive to:
Support healthy childhood development
Nurture a passion for learning through play
Bring out the joy in life through discovery
Ignite curiosity and encourage children to become active, lifelong learners
Connect families to each other and the community
Provide enlightening and inspiring resources for families, caregivers, and educators of young children
Provide engaging projects, exhibits, and programming for young children and their families
Educate parents and caregivers about child development and parenting techniques
Build cultural understanding, positive social interaction, and celebrate diversity
Serve as a gateway to other cultural institutions and community programs

At OCCM, we value a learning framework that provides:
Opportunities and invitations for adults to engage in play
Shows evidence of community input and contributions
Supports materials that are natural and locally meaningful
Invitations for repetition and change
Opportunities to explore, investigate, manipulate, and reflect
Encouragement to continue exploration at home or in the community

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