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OBS/YCPD Silent Auction Fundraiser

OBS & the Youth Council for Positive Development
January 2023
08:00 AM CST
January 2023
05:00 PM CST

OBS/YCPD Silent Auction Fundraiser

Instead of the Anniversary Celebration's dinner program, OBS and the Youth Council for Positive Development are hosting a silent auction fundraiser. The program is our organizations' major fundraiser so your participation in the auction is necessary for the advancement of our important work in 2023. And this is not like government contracts, it's okay to walk away with a screwdriver that costs $500.00!

In order to bid on auction items, you are required to create an account on 32auctions.com. You'll be notified by email if/when there's another bid on the item you had bid on. This is a great feature because it allows you to come back and outbid. Feel free to bid on more than one item.

Once you've selected your items to bid on, click the Pay With Card button to process your bid payment.

You can also make a donation by clicking the green donation button in the top right corner of the screen. To make a tax exempt donation, click the Pay With PayPal button only.

Please share the auction link and QR code with your social networks. Thanks for your supporting our 2023 online auction fundraiser.

This is our first auction. Special gratitude to all those who donated items so that we could have a wide array of useful and unique items.

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About OBS & the Youth Council for Positive Development

For over 40 years, the Organization for Black Struggle has been committed to fighting for political empowerment, economic justice and the cultural dignity of the African-American community, especially the Black working class. Our youth component has been active organizing around issues impacting children and youth.

This year a virtual fundraising auction will kick off on the MLK Holiday and culminate on January 28, 2023, our anniversary date. Your participation and contribution in our virtual fundraising auction will help us continue our work over the last 43 years based upon a proven track record that advances an agenda to build power for our community,

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