Night of 1,000 Pies Online Auction

August 2020
07:00 PM EDT
August 2020
07:00 PM EDT
GOAL $3,000.00
84.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Welcome to the Night of 1,000 Pies 2020 Silent Auction! All proceeds from tonight will benefit Empowerhouse and survivors of domestic violence who need our support now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you do not see an item that interests you, please consider making a donation instead by clicking the green donate button above. Thank you!

**We would like to recognize and thank our generous sponsors who have raised this Pie to the sky!**

Pie in the Sky:
- Drs. Rosemary O'Grady and Mitchell Sojack
- Christina Palmeri, Domino’s
- The Rooney Family

Cherry on Top:
- Bev and Don Newlin
- Fred and Barbara Rankin

Fancy Filling:
- Atlantic Builders
- Stephanie and Jim Foster

In the Dough:
- Eyes in the 'Burg

Sugar and Spice:
- Access Eye
- Arc Interiors
- Jennea Correia
- Eileen and Herman Dohmann
- Carolyn and Kathleen Harrigan
- Richard and Virginia Lewis
- Mary Jane O'Neill
- Dr. Robert Sikora

Savory and Seasoned:
- Nancy Chiappinelli, Byron Glaser, & Don Chiappinelli
- Cathy and Ron Davis
- Brent Driskill
- Beverley King
- M&T Bank and Mortgage
- Rosemarie and John McKeown
- Sharon and Rich Westerlund

Flour Power:
- Keith and Mary Ann Ante-Amburgey
- Patti Bricken and Felix Fraraccio
- Theresa and William Crawley
- Paul and Jenny Eakin
- Fredericksburg Food Co-op
- Maurice and Bernadine Hayes
- Cary Howard
- Christian and Patricia Kaila
- Carl and Anne Little
- Charles and Cassie Payne
- Price, Rich, and Associates- Century 21 New Millennium
- Florence Ridderhof
- Jack and Pat Rowley
- Tiffany and Andre Simons
- Rim and Kathy Vining
- Alva Windham

Baked Delight:
- Ernest and Lynn Ackermann
- Meg and Dave Bohmke
- Marylise and Damian Cobey
- Delegate Joshua Cole
- Ray and Elizabeth Dameron
- Bob and Carrie Danko
- Ray and Natalie Davis
- Leigh D'Lugos
- Steve and Susan D'Lugos
- Lisa and David Durham
- First Citizen’s Bank
- Rita Girard and John Winans
- Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw
- Joyce and Steve Hanscome
- Donna and Don Hart
- Margaret and Howard Heppe
- Ron and Nancy Hicks
- Chris Kilmartin and Allyson Poska
- Deb and Brad Lokrantz
- Margaret and Robert McMillen
- Mary and Kevin Namey
- Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates, Inc.
- Wendy Rogers
- Lisa Beth Shapiro and David Edwards
- George Solley
- Ruth and Lee Stone
- Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners
- Jere and Barbara Willis

Staff will be available to answer auction questions on Saturday from 7:30 pm to 1:00 am and then on Sunday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

About Empowerhouse

Empowerhouse empowers survivors and their children to believe in themselves and build new lives filled with dignity, respect, safety, and hope. We give victims the time, space, and tools to heal their hearts, restore their connections, rebuild their lives, and renew their spirits.

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