2020 Joint Stockmen's Silent Auction

November 2020
09:00 AM MST
December 2020
08:30 PM MST

2020 Joint Stockmen's Silent Auction

The 2020 Joint Stockmen's Silent Auction will support the "Boots in the Roundhouse" at the 2021 Legislative Session. This is your opportunity to get involved and support the NMCGA volunteers, leadership, and staff; who travel each and every year to Santa Fe during the legislative session to fight and protect the values of your rural community. Please show your support & bid!!

About New Mexico Cattle Growers Association

The purpose of the association is to advance and protect the cattle industry of New Mexico by working toward solutions of industry problems. The association does this by promoting the well being of the industry; providing an official and united voice on issues of importance to cattle producers and feeders, and creating and maintaining an economic climate that provides members of the association the opportunity to obtain optimum return on their investment.

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