15th National Indigenous Peoples Day Auction 2022

Aboriginal Lawyers Forum, CBABC
June 2022
06:00 AM PDT
June 2022
02:24 PM PDT

About Our Auction


Owing to the success of this annual online auction, the CBABC Aboriginal Lawyers Forum has launched THE WARRIOR PROJECT.

The ALF is proud to continue our strong support of Indigenous law and articling students – our future Legal Warriors – through the launch of this very special initiative.

The Warrior Project will help fund articling positions for Indigenous students in BC. For our inaugural year, the ALF has donated $20,000 to create the "CBABC Aboriginal Lawyers Forum Scholarship" through the Everyone Legal Clinic, run by Access Pro Bono. https://www.accessprobono.ca/program/everyone-legal-clinic

The ELC aims to increase access to justice for low and modest income people by having articling students provide affordable, high quality legal services to underserved communities across BC. These values align with the ALF's dedication to Indigenous people and the legal profession.

You can support the Warrior Project, by bidding on auction items, posting and sharing the auction link freely and donating directly to the ALF Scholarship here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/487 PLEASE ensure that you choose the "CBABC Aboriginal Lawyers Scholarship" from the drop-down menu. Donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.

This year we are especially grateful to a generous Indigenous donor and their team who photographed and catalogued around 30 pieces of art valued at more than $6,000. The donor wished to remain anonymous. “A lot can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.”


We want The Warrior Project to be sustained by the ongoing success of our Online Auction commemorating National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Owing to the Auction’s popularity, in 2019, we increased our annual Student Appreciation Awards to $1,000 for Indigenous law students from each of the Peter A. Allard, UVic and TRU Faculties of Law. And throughout the pandemic, the auction had record fundraising because of our generous donors and bidders – contributing directly to our ability to launch The Warrior Project.

The Auction remains a great opportunity to support local businesses and services so they continue to thrive despite the pandemic. Their gift cards or certificates are win-win donations!

For more information, or if you can support our future Legal Warriors in any other way, please contact isabel.jackson@justice.gc.ca.

About Aboriginal Lawyers Forum, CBABC

The CBABC Aboriginal Lawyers Forum (the "ALF") is the first and only Aboriginal Lawyers Forum in the CBA nationally. The mandate of the ALF is to facilitate social networking, mentoring, professional development and a celebration of Aboriginal culture. Through its mandate the ALF supports Aboriginal law students, graduates and practitioners in order to enhance the stature and influence of Aboriginal people in the legal profession. On behalf of the ALF we appreciate your support! :)

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