Go for the Glide: 2017 NENSA Auction

New England Nordic Ski Association - NENSA.net
November 2017
09:00 PM EST
December 2017
09:18 PM EST
GOAL $10,000.00
77.8% To Goal

About Our Auction

All funds collected in this auction will be used to support the NENSA mission: To implement educational, recreational, and competitive programs at all levels to sustain a vital and active cross-country skiing community in New England.

About New England Nordic Ski Association - NENSA.net

The New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) is the overarching umbrella organization for cross country skiing in New England and the region. We are a member-supported service organization that promotes the sport of cross country skiing by creating opportunities for youth, athletes, coaches, officials and skiers of all levels and abilities.
Through the generous support of our members and sponsors, NENSA’s staff hosts dozens of year-round educational programs, and clinics as well as competitive events. NENSA is focused on expanding cross country skiing and rollersking through robust youth and introductory programs, as well citizen/popular events and racing programs in every season. NENSA provides the support structure necessary to bring cross country skiers to their highest potential at local, regional, national and international events.

Be a vibrant cross country skiing organization that inspires and empowers lifelong learning, development and community-building through the sport of cross country skiing.

Share the joy of gliding on snow through educational, recreational, introductory and competitive programs to nurture and sustain an active cross country ski community for all ages and levels throughout New England.

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