Re-Birth The Earth Auction

May 2020
02:00 PM EDT
June 2020
01:00 PM EDT
GOAL $5,000.00
64.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Re- Birth the Earth Auction symbolizes awakening into a NEW EARTH,
planting positivity, raising the vibration on the planet with deep convictions and intention as we navigate through change. Our world has been going through shifts and change during this quarantine as it has affected our lives on so many layers.
In the big picture, human connection is crucial to the quality of living, to the vitality of our collective consciousness. Let's be a force of nature that brings community back together again in the most profound way.

We were excited to have had two successful auctions prior to our now third. They say three is a charm. We have re-stocked with some awesome mind, body, soul stuff, take a peak on-line.

We have been working on a little re-purpose, recycle, & face-lift to the studio. It's important to get the studio clean, sterilized and prepared for when we get back and follow our health and safety guidelines for conducting business. We are continually blessed by so many in our My BodYoga family, supporting us with your positivity, encouragement, auctions, keeping up with memberships, donations, visiting our on-line store to keep us going until we get the green light to open our doors again. We appreciate you and thank you for your kindness.

We will be announcing a Re-Grand Opening Date this week. Check your emails for our newsletter updates.

**Also, Yoga Teacher Training is coming in the Fall 2020 and we have an incredible savings exclusively for the auction. Auction bidding starts at 50% off for this training

Have fun in the auction.

(We are committed to honoring every student who has a package or monthly membership. My BodYoga will add an extension for all the days we have been out of the studio during this quarantine. Classes will be not be lost and expirations extended.)

About My BodYoga

Auction Asana!

Eventually we are getting out of the house and we will stretch our legs, take a deep breath in and jump back into our yoga practice in the studio with excitement.

A BIG Re-Grand-Opening is brewing in our My BodYoga community who has been dedicated to Raising the Vibration on the Planet. It is because of the collective energy of positivity, love and hope each person carries through these doors that we have expanded our minds and hearts to create a place we all call home. support us on our global mission to RAISE THE VIBRATION ON THE PLANET.

Be in the NOW & grab your Auction Goodies for Home, Heart, Health & Wellness.

We have turned lives around, impacted the people in profound ways and have picked one another up to be better humans. We have a deep capacity to love and serve because our humble yoga studio has evolved into a place to enrich the lives of one person at time through wellness programs, life purpose retreats, community outreach, book clubs, musical events, sound healing gatherings, yoga classes, holistic healing practices, reiki shares, yoga and reiki teacher trainings and the like.

We are a community that looks after one another and cares about raising the vibration on the planet.

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