12 Days of Christmas Giving for Moresports BC

November 2020
09:00 AM PST
December 2020
10:00 AM PST

12 Days of Christmas Giving for Moresports BC

Auction Closes 10am on the 12th of December.
Additional items were added during Auction in December.
Thank you for helping to make the difference ~
Please enjoy a silly story with Santa
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12 Days of Christmas Giving for Moresports BC Society
Teaming up with SD43 so that barriers are removed and our Kids/Youth can Thrive in 2021 ~

Moresports offers neighbourhood-based sports programs & leadership training for children and youth. With your help we can keep supporting children with our Afterschool programs/Summer Camps powered by Moresports in the School Districts. We need your support to help more kids thrive during a pandemic. Moresports Youth leadership mentors learn skills through volunteer training. This provides them with the opportunity to participate in the out of school programs as youth leaders who mentor the participating children. This year’s pandemic has reduced the ways for us to support the children in our neighbourhoods through afterschool programs and camps and has prevented our Youth Mentors to thrive in the community at a time when their well being needs our support.


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About Moresports

Morefun. Morefriends. Moreskills.
A sense of fun, belonging and life-long love of physical activity is our number one goal. When kids are invited to play with others in their own community they feel secure, connected and empowered. We want ALL kids to get a chance to benefit from this important foundation that sets them up for life.

Many of the skills we teach are basic life skills but we teach them through sport. Teamwork, leadership, focus, winning and losing are all part of everyday situations and our youth leaders and coaches are trained to guide with physical, social, cognitive and emotional considerations at play.

Our programs are based on the integration of two established models that address child development and desired outcomes for children in recreation and sport.
The first focuses on being healthy and active for life by doing the right things at the right time. Because children are constantly growing, our activities and equipment reflect these developmental stages. We design our programs to be fun and engaging for the child based on the stage they are at.
The second is based on five key principles for healthy child development; a caring adult, friends, participation, play and mastery. Moresports believes that by creating positive experiences and inclusive and caring peer interaction, the opportunity for learning and participation increases drastically. By focusing on fun and play during sports, children naturally feel motivated and successful.

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