Mills PTA Silent Auction 2019

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April 2019
05:00 PM CDT
April 2019
05:14 PM CDT

About Our Auction

What are we raising money for? The school district is unable to pay for many things, so the PTA assists with both volunteers & financial support. We pay for unglamorous things such as the copier & workroom supplies, expensive projector lightbulbs, doormats, new safety patrol signs & rain ponchos, teacher classroom supplies, as well as science materials, library books, computers, subscriptions to websites, teacher professional development, author visits, music risers, & playground improvements, etc. Our P&G committee receives requests from teachers letting us know what they need to teach our children. Some of the areas we hope to focus on are: improving the track, the portables, adding a water bottle filling station, landscaping, more science materials, & many other potential unidentified projects which we will offer up for a vote.

About Mills PTA Silent Auction 2019

The Mills PTA is a non-profit organization that offers volunteer assistance and financial funding to our wonderful school in Austin, Texas.

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