Merry Axemas 2018!

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November 2018
07:15 PM EDT
December 2018
03:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

Welcome to Merry Axemas 2018! Thanks to our friends at Skinny Devil Music Lab-Academy Of Guitar and the Lexington Lab Band for their support for this year's guitar auction. As many of you know, we lost an a long time friend and associate to suicide this year. For us in our company and at the station, the choice this year for a charity was made for us, pretty clearly. It's Shelby's Way, a 501c3. This mission of Shelby's Way is a multi-faceted approach in dealing with mental illness and to end the stigma of that illness and bring awareness to the act and repercussions of suicide.

About Shelby's Way

Mark Cain lost his son, Shelby Cain and his passing by suicide in 2009. We don’t share this just to share the story alone, but to honor Shelby and to help others with what they may be going through in their lives, with their loved ones or even their loved ones who have been lost by suicide. It’s a topic generally unspoken, as nobody wants to discuss suicide or mental health. Shelby’s Way hopes to help end the stigma by going first in telling this story so others may have the courage to talk about their mental health, and if needed, receive help.

Mark Cain has taken this tragedy in his family’s lives, and started this non-profit to bring awareness to suicide prevention. Shelby’s Way not only educates and informs, but through events, the organization raises money to help clients with everyday financial needs, mental health care and medicine along with funds to help families bury their loved ones lost by suicide. Through the spirit of community and fellowship, we can prevent another tragic loss and end the stigma of discussing the difficult topics of suicide and our own well being!

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