Menri Monastery Restroom Project

Olmo Ling Bon Center & Institute
April 2022
12:00 PM EDT
May 2022
08:00 PM EDT
GOAL $8,000.00
40.4% To Goal

Menri Monastery Restroom Auction

Menri Monastery Needs Our Help! We're so close to hitting our goal!

Thanks to a generous benefactor, all donations up to our goal for the Menri restroom campaign will be matched! This means that for each $1 you donate, our benefactor will give $1. You can donate on the auction page using the "Donate" button on the top right, or on the Olmo Ling website.

We are getting close now with $3,052.11 remaining to be raised! Any funds raised with the auction beyond our goal will be allocated towards our other charitable projects!

Menri Monastery hosts many visitors from Western countries as well as local visitors from nearby villages, towns, and cities throughout the year. Menri also celebrates many larger public events with hundreds of visitors, including empowerments, religious celebrations, prayer ceremonies, holiday festivals, and the annual Geshe (Doctor of Philosophy) graduation.

The lack of a public restroom is causing great difficulties during large public gatherings. It has also proven to be very challenging for villagers who visit for the day, including children and the elderly.

The central government of India is now requiring any community or monastic center where people gather to have a functioning public restroom. The construction of a public restroom at Menri Monastery will not only support cleanliness and public health but also protect the well-being and health of the monastic community.

We feel deeply honored to be invited to offer our assistance. This project will be instrumental in supporting public health and ensuring the comfort of visitors who benefit from the blessings and teachings offered at Menri. By addressing this very mundane need we are able to offer a sacred and precious gift.

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