Coastal Bays Trivia Night

March 2021
10:00 AM EST
March 2021
05:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

MCBP is celebrating our 25th Anniversary. Our focus theme for our 25th is Save Our Coastal Bay Birds. Maryland's endangered coastal bay birds, the Black Skimmer, Royal Tern, and Common Tern. The loss of any one of these species in Maryland's coastal bays would represent the loss of an iconic component of our wildlife.

About Maryland Coastal Bays Program

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program (MCBP) is one of 28 National Estuary Programs (NEP) across the country that receives EPA funding in order to work toward the restoration and protection of “estuaries of National significance.” The Program is a grassroot, multi-stakeholder collaboration working toward meeting this goal. The Maryland Coastal Bays watershed is an impressive coastal resource; it supports abundant wildlife and a wealth of aquatic resources in a relaxing rural atmosphere unique to the mid-Atlantic region. Here, residents and tourists alike enjoy fishing, hunting, boating, sunbathing, and the natural serenity offered by the sea. As one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the state, the collective watershed of these bays encompasses approximately 175 square miles of Maryland’s coastal plain. It supports numerous rare and threatened plant and animal species, forests, and wetlands vital to migratory songbirds and waterfowl, as well as numerous important commercial and recreational fin and shellfish species.

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