LuDel Deal Walter | MAC Fundraiser

June 2020
05:00 PM MDT
June 2020
10:15 PM MDT

About Our Auction

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Manitou Art Center.
This is your chance to own a large-scale statement piece of art from one of our region's most beloved artists for a fraction of the gallery list price.

LuDel Deal Walter Artist Statement

My work communicates the boundaries of where time passes into memory and life passes into death. How does memory hold the past captive? How does place tie into time and memory? Memory seems to work in a similar fashion; as we recall people and events from our memories, they are frozen at a particular time like stop-action movie stills or loops of a single scene.

I incorporate objects that are often ignored or overlooked to create meaning. The carcasses and the refuse of our lives are more than simple objects; they connect to the time when life and purpose was contained there. I am using recycled and found objects (hand-made paper, junk, bones, etc.) to represent the passage of time and the quality between life and death. I find that by using images of actual carcasses and garbage in combination with textured papers and found objects, I have a more visceral connection to the work. We no longer revere life enough to consider the process of dying; because we can't embrace death, we can't fully embrace life. Every living thing has a quality that leaves the body at the time of death. Every object has a quality of memory. What is that liminal quality? Where is it? These pieces are intended to ask the viewer to consider the life and purpose that once inhabited these images.

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