Lexy's Christmas Wish

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November 2018
01:00 AM PST
November 2018
11:00 PM PST
GOAL $600.00
92.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Once upon a time Lexy was a lonely, sad elderbull spending her Christmas in a shelter. There was no carrolling, no stocking hung by the fire embroidered with her name. No mistletoe or family to kiss under its leaves. No new toys to play with or cookies to leave out for Santa Paws. But... she had a wish...

On January 31st, 2014 Lexy's wish came true and I have been blessed to share in her life and give her everything she every wanted and deserved every day since.

Lexy never forgot those lonely days and she's asking you to help her pay her good fortune forward by supporting her campaign benfitting the Stand Up For Pits Foundation and Forgotten Dogs Rescue.

For the month of November, 2018 100% raised from our online Auction, sale of Limited Edition campaign merchandise or Shop For A Cause items from our partners will be donated to help us make the holidays brighter for precious lives waiting for their forever home.

(proceeds shared / donated equally between Forgotten Dogs Rescue and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation)

About Lexy the Elderbull

Rescues and Shelters are the link to everything we care so strongly about. We are active fundraisers and supporters for many rescues and shelters. Through our efforts we aim to create opportunities wherein they can provide community education, sponsor legislative change, and of the highest importance provide medical care, spay and neuter programs, food and shelter for the animals while they wait for a forever home.

Rescues and shelters are pivotal in affecting real change for animals everywhere and indeed for humanity. Without their great works and dedication we would see more animals suffering on the streets, greater overpopulation, more animal abuse, a lack of education and understanding about animal welfare, and a decline in our moral fiber if we were to allow this type of environment to develop.

Please join us in supporting senior dogs, promoting positive pitbull awareness, and sponsoring rescues and shelters in any way you can.

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