Bark in the Barn

June 2020
09:00 AM PDT
August 2020
09:09 PM PDT
GOAL $42,000.00
134.1% REACHED!

Bark in the Barn

Welcome to your 9th Annual Bark In The Barn extravaganza. There are so many new exciting items to bid on and thankfully we even have a few of our amazing packages back this year. Have fun exploring all the auction items!

It all goes for a great cause. Not only are you supporting Labs and More Dog Rescue in saving almost 2,000 lost, sick, abandoned, injured and homeless dogs a year. This is a community event with participating restaurants and small businesses donating and they need a boost during these tough times. That's a lot of good you're doing! Remember we are a non profit all Volunteer Organization so all fund go directly to saving the lives of dogs. Some of your donations can be considered tax deductible, check with your Tax Advisor.

ONLINE AUCTION, opens June 22nd and closes August 1st at 9PM - be sure to check back, it's the final countdown. There’s a lot of good you are doing by bidding on the Auction!

About Labs and More Rescue

OUR MISSION: “We will rescue Labradors and Retrievers, mixed and pure breed, young and old, and as we can other breeds in need. We will provide a soft bed, safety, medical care, training, and love to rehabilitate these amazing dogs giving them a new chance at life. We will partner with our trainers, veterinarians, families, and volunteers to provide lifelong support to the dogs we have rescued and homed. We will take time to have fun and enjoy the dogs we rescue!”

Labs and More was established by 9 individuals who believed differently. We believed our efforts could be joined to give refuge for our dogs living on the streets and dying in shelters who, because of a medical concern or fear of humans they were not able to find rescue. We formed Labs and More to be different, to offer medical care to dogs who, with the care could thrive and be wonderful family dogs. We offer refuge to moms living on the streets, delivering their frail babies in unfathomable conditions often starving themselves. Our Volunteers drive hundreds of miles to shelters in remote, underserved areas offering hope to dogs who otherwise never leave the shelters. We believe we were instrumental in helping to make SD County almost completely no-kill, and those who are not we serve whenever needed.

We are solely funded by our Adoption Donations, Fundraising Outreach, and Donations from our Volunteers. We are all Volunteers receiving no pay for our service to our organization. We have dreams, and we hope funds from our Annual Bark in the Barn Fundraising Auction will help these Dreams come to life for many more Dogs to come.

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