Rosie and Annie's Portrait Auction

Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary
August 2023
07:00 AM -02
September 2023
08:00 PM -02

About Our Auction

Art for a Cause: Rosie and Annie's Portrait Auction featuring the works of local artist Taunya Goguen (Upper Kingsclear, NB).

All proceeds will support the care of the animals at Lily’s Place Animal Sanctuary in Codys, NB.

About the Artist:
Taunya Goguen has been working with kilnformed glass since 2012. Seeking a creative outlet, she took stained and fused glass classes in Ottawa, Ontario and was immediately hooked.

Originally from New Brunswick, she returned in 2018 and has spent recent years exploring her personal glass style. Pieces are made up of glass bits, powders and enamels to create functional and sculptural glass objects that are light, airy and reminiscent of the woodlands and nearby river that surround her.

When she is not working in the glass shop, she is painting in oils, including wildlife and pet portraits.

About the Art:
Taunya graciously donated the two glass paintings for this auction. Each portrait features a sanctuary resident: Rosie and Annie.

Rosie is a lamb with mobility challenges and stunted growth, came to live at the sanctuary in May. Before joining us, Rosie lost her ears to frost bite and has no back hooves, which is suspected to be from frost bite too. She also has complications with her front legs and requires prosthetics/mobility aids for all 4 limbs.

Rosie’s full story can be found here:

Annie came to us as a 10 week old full of parasites, plagued by digestive problems, and needed to be on medication for months. She’s need with us for 3 years now and is often over looked. But for those who take the time get to know her, they realize how special she is.

Annie’s full story can be found here:

About Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary

Lily's place is a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Codys, New Brunswick, Canada, providing care to aging, injured, & displaced farm animals. Compassionate care for farmed animals is what we're all about. Since 2019, our mission has been to be a restorative, inspiring space by ensuring safe refuge is available to displaced farmed animals.

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