For the LOVE of Art

January 2021
09:00 AM PST
January 2021
08:00 PM PST
GOAL $10,000.00
108.7% REACHED!

For the LOVE of Art

LOCA turned to its large pool of accomplished artists to put together an auction for you! Our annual fundraising “Birthday Bash” had to be canceled, so this auction offers you an opportunity to collect extraordinary artwork, and the revenue raised is being split between the artists and LOCA.

For over 25 years LOCA has raised funds to put together people who make art professionally with people who study art and those who appreciate art. Each pool of art lovers win by association with the others. By purchasing through this auction you help LOCA to continue to foster this exchange supporting art education, artists and art programs that enriched people’s lives.

Everybody wins! You get a unique work of art and your purchase supports both the artists and LOCA ’s art programs. Every one of us thanks you!

About LOCA

As a lover of the arts you know that art opens hearts and minds and builds creativity. When imagination, innovation and ingenuity flower, artistic expression flourishes and new solutions to old problems present themselves. Individuals and their communities benefit.

LOCA raises money and hires professional artists, supplementing the income they make selling their artwork, to bring high level fine art experiences to people of all ages and skill levels.

With a purchase in this auction you support LOCA and become a part of our mission of fostering personal growth through the teaching of art. Throughout history skilled artists have taught newcomers the concepts and skills they have mastered. With your support LOCA will keep that time honored tradition alive!

We would love to have you join our organization and enjoy our art loving community and share in the benefits of membership. We suggest that you take one of our wide ranging classes, and share the joy by giving one to someone you love!

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