Lamb Care Australia Auction for the Lambs

Lamb Care Australia
October 2021
06:00 AM AEDT
October 2021
06:00 PM AEDT
GOAL $1,000.00
103.0% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Auction for the Lambs is the latest online fundraiser for Lamb Care Australia. All funds raised will help us to continue to provide the best of care for the lambs who reach our organisation. We have been fortunate to have some wonderful items donated by some of our fantastic supporters who we thank very much. So choose your item, register your bid and keep an wary eye on any competitor who may try to out bid you!

The lucky people with the successful bids will be announced on our Facbook page and Website on Monday 1 November at 5pm.

About Lamb Care Australia

Millions of lambs die on Australian farms every year within 48 hours after birth. Ewes, particularly in the case of twins or triplets, can struggle to care for all their lambs. This is due to no fault of their own but instead to the industry’s selective breeding for multiple births and the lack of sufficient shelter on farms from the extreme winter weather conditions.

Abandoned or orphaned lambs born during the lambing season in Victoria reach the care of Lamb Care Australia via vets, councils, the RSPCA and members of the public. Lambs are placed into specialist care for a minimum of a week prior to being placed with a foster carer. Following the weaning period lambs are placed into a forever home where they will live a long and happy life.

Lamb Care Australia also aims to educate the public about the issues relating to the lambs who come into care.

Lamb Care Australia is a registered charity with all donations of $2 or more being 100% tax deductible.

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