LAF Black Tie Gala Fundraising Auction

September 2020
09:00 AM PDT
September 2020
10:00 PM PDT

About Our Auction

Our annual Gala is being presented online this year and our silent auction is also online for the first time.

Funds raised will be used to support the Lark Angels Foundation's goals of building sensory stimulation rooms in Surrey, for the use of Seniors who have dementia, as well as others for whom sensory stimulation can help to make connections and improve quality of life.

About Lark Angels Foundation

Lark Angels Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to the lives of our senior population, especially those suffering with Dementia, a brain disorder affecting their thinking, behavior and ability to perform everyday tasks.

The Lark Angels Foundation goal is to build Sensory Stimulation rooms, designed to reach and open their minds to our five senses of sound, smells, touch, sight and taste. These rooms have proven to be beneficial where, if no suitable situations are provided, people living with dementia have nothing to do, and they become increasingly isolated, frustrated, bored and unhappy.

These sensory stimulation rooms will be free to the public, as Lark Angels Foundation relies on donations to support these rooms.

The Foundation also helps to provide supplemental funding for brain injury patients to afford rehabilitative treatment, PONS Therapy, in partnership with the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic.

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