2022 Iowa Providers PAC Silent Auction

May 2022
08:00 AM CDT
May 2022
05:07 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Your bids support the relentless advocacy of IACP through the Iowa Providers PAC.

The workforce crisis is real and felt all across the state. IACP members cannot increase the price of services to support higher wages, and legislative action is necessary to address this crisis.

Winning bidders can pay by check or credit card by contacting Susan Seehase. She will be available at the silent auction table at the close of the auction. Please note - All payments must be made with PERSONAL (not corporate) check or credit card.

Thank you for supporting relentless advocacy!

If you don't win an auction item but still want to make a donation to support the Iowa Providers PAC, please visit https://www.iowaproviders.org/iowa-providers-pac.

About Iowa Providers PAC

The Iowa Providers Political Action Committee (PAC) is a bipartisan commission supportive of IACP's policy priorities. The Iowa Providers PAC makes contributions to the campaigns of legislators who are supportive of the IACP mission, provides opportunities for connection and impacts IACP's ability to relentlessly advocate for Iowa providers to build healthy communities.

If you wish to make a contribution to the PAC and unify the voices of Iowa's community providers, please consider donating online or writing a check made out to the Iowa Providers PAC. ***All donations must be made personally. The Iowa Providers PAC cannot accept corporate donations.*** Whether you provide a one time, monthly, or annual contribution, your support is advancing the mission that one day, all Iowans will be able to live, learn and work within the community of their choice.

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