Highgate Has Heart Winter Auction

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December 2016
09:00 AM GMT
February 2017
01:00 PM GMT

Highgate Has Heart Winter Auction

Our auction, in aid of urgent refugee causes, offers prizes which are unique, coveted or simply special. All have been donated by our friends and supporters and we are thrilled to have such original, generous prizes. Please bid generously as ALL funds raised (apart from minor transaction fees) will be donated to our three nominated charities (see below). So you can have an amazing experience and raise money for vital refugee needs.

Some prizes will also be bid for at the HHH Winter Party on 4th February 2017 at the Highgate Golf Club (tickets now sold out). This online auction will transition to the live event at 1pm on Saturday 4th February. The bids that are exclusively online will be closed then and others will be bid for on the evening. If you wish to bid on the evening but are not attending, you can email info@highgatehasheart.com with your final bid and we will bid on your behalf.

If you have any questions about individual lots, please call Liz on 07790 712237.

Our specific causes are:

We will support the vital work by Safe Passage, part of Citizens UK, to bring over vulnerable refugee children from all over Europe safely and legally to the U.K. This involves identifying the children, working with translators, interpreters, volunteers, lawyers, doctors, support workers in order to complete the process.

There are approximately 60,000 refugees living in Greece, 40% of whom are children and approximately 9,000 are pregnant women. The funds raised will be spent on the following items:
- Flooring for tents across Northern Greece
- Blankets
- Warm winter clothing and shoes

Funds raised will go towards opening the Islington Refugee Centre for three days a week as early in 2017 as possible. The money will support the much needed support service which sees the Centre’s most vulnerable refugee clients already in London.

About HighgateHasHeart

HighgateHasHeart is local group based around the Highgate area in London. We want to make a meaningful difference to the refugee crisis on our doorstep, and help those in most need: from welcoming unaccompanied child refugees to helping those in Europe in dire need to helping our local centre in Islington. We raise funds for vulnerable refugees in Europe supporting the vital work of Help Refugees. We support Safe Passage (Citizen UK) causes and the #RefugeesWelcome initiatives to accelerate entry into UK for children who have right to be here. We raise funds for the vital work of our local Islington Centre, who provide a lifeline to refugees once they are here.

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Live Event Information

The online auction closes at 1pm Saturday 4th February and will transition to our live Winter Party event at Highgate Golf Club on the evening (now sold out). A limited number of auction items will be auctioned live by actor Dave Schneider on the evening to guests attending. Highest bidders to online auction will be contacted to submit a proxy bid or any bidders can email info@highgatehasheart.com to submit their highest bid for any item.