Handcrafted Wooden Music Stand to fundraise

October 2020
03:00 PM AEDT
November 2020
11:45 PM AEDT

About Our Auction

Please join Little Chi's auction of her Handcrafted Wooden Music Stand to fundraise for children affected by catastrophic floods in central Vietnam:

Chi Nguyễn is a 9 year-old student at Vermont Primary School, VIC, Australia. Chi's Dad hand-crafted this music stand for her to encourage her to learn music. It's brand new, made of Tasmanian Oak, and both the height and angle are adjustable. Chi has asked her Dad for her to sell this for charity and her Dad said he would make a different one for her.

This unique music stand will add a nice feature to your family room! It was beautifully hand-crafted with much love and care. Please join Chi's auction and support her goal to donate all the money raised from this to support students at a primary school on Thạch Hãn River Bank in Quảng Trị, Vietnam, which has recently hit hard by devastating foods. Most schools in Quảng Trị were stricken by 4 floods in a row over the past 3 weeks, with the water level up to 2m. Many children are now struggling to go back to school since floods destroyed their homes and swept away their school supplies like books and notebooks.

Free delivery within 25 kms from Vermont, Victoria. Auction close by 11:45pm Sunday 1st November, unless sold prior! The winning bidder can choose to transfer the money paid for the music stand directly to the School in need or we can help you transfer the fund to the School.

To participate in the auction, please click on the Item List Button (Next to the Star Button) on the top left. More pictures available at: https://sites.google.com/view/chimusicstand

You may also be interested in joining the auction of a hand-crafted solid wood violin stand with bow holder by Nhân Nguyễn, Chi's brother, who also raises fund to support Chi's cause: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/73926/auctions/91243/auction_items/2538732

Please feel free to email us for further information: lytranrmit@gmail.com

Many thanks for supporting Chi's cause!

For more information about this flooding that has been called a "deadly double disaster" following COVID-19 (ABC News), please see:

About Handcrafted Wooden Music Stand to fundraise

Handcrafted Wooden Music Stand to fundraise for children affected by catastrophic foods in central Vietnam

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