HTLJ NFT Posters

High Technology Law Journal
March 2022
10:45 AM PDT
March 2022
05:00 PM PDT

About Our Auction

We are the first law school journal to create and sell NFT posters for our event. We will sell a limited number of NFTs for our four panels and auction off our main event poster. These professionally created NFTs, designed by a local digital artisan, feature stunning colors, hyper-futuristic imagery, and a critical view of society's reliance on technology.

About High Technology Law Journal

The Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal (HTLJ) is a scholarly publication of the Santa Clara University School of Law. HTLJ is a leading forum for multidisciplinary discourse on emerging issues at the intersection of technology, law, and public policy. Before Volume 30, the journal was known as the Computer and High Technology Law Journal.

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