Gym Floor

Hillcrest High Alumni Association
April 2021
01:00 PM MDT
April 2021
08:18 PM MDT

About Our Auction

Pieces of the basketball floor from the Art Hughes Gymnasium.

Proceeds will go toward the 2021 Scholarship fund.

About Hillcrest High Alumni Association

The Hillcrest High Alumni Association (HHAA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to:

1. Providing scholarships for Hillcrest High School Seniors and
2. Preserving the Husky Spirit of Hillcrest

Scholarships – Funds raised by the HHAA will be used for scholarships for Hillcrest graduating seniors. The most important part of HHAA will be to help lives moving forward. Funds donated will help make higher education a possibility for deserving Hillcrest High graduating seniors who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college or career training. All donations are tax deductible.

Husky Spirit – Hillcrest High has a rich heritage. Our goal is to continue to share that with current and former students in many ways, such as:
* Class Reunion Information
* Updates on rebuild of Hillcrest High
* Digital yearbooks
* Hillcrest History
* Husky gear
* Current Hillcrest activities and events

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