AN INNER FORCE at Gracey Lane Gallery

Taylor Gallegos Art
September 2022
12:00 PM PDT
September 2022
06:00 PM PDT

About Our Auction

These original pieces by Taylor Gallegos are currently part of the fine art exhibit “Inner Force” debuting at the beautiful Gracey Lane Gallery in California on Saturday, September 24th . The show was curated to take its guests on a deep dive into the depths of their own inner force while appreciating each piece as its stands on its own. To make reservations for the in-person art exhibit at Gracey Lane Gallery on Saturday, September 24th, please go to:

Prices do not include: Tax, packaging, shipping, handling. In-person art pick up at Gracey Lane Gallery can be arranged. Please contact us for details.

About Taylor Gallegos Art

My art is about the ways we connect. Every painting is an effort to find common ground with the viewer. Whether it be through light and shadow, color, or the message in the work, the focus is commonalities. Artwork transcends borders, skin color and material differences. It can be a tool for Good, and that’s my aim.

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