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Welcome to our Online Auction!
March 29, 2017
09:00 AM EDT
April 29, 2017
05:18 PM EDT

We specialize in chasing rainbows by encouraging kids and kids-at-heart to cultivate their imaginations through the performing arts.

While our facility is spectacular in many ways, it could use some updates to support the fun and inspiring atmosphere we work so hard to create. Chipped paint, tired carpeting and furnishing coming apart at the seams detract from all of the innovative and exploratory work being done on a daily basis.

We're planning on adding a spectrum of bright and bold colors to the pallet to further ignite the flights of fancy that walk through our doors and we need your help. The items in our auction support movement, adventure and imagination.

Green Mountain Performing Arts


Green Mountain Performing Arts (GMPA), located in Waterbury, Vermont, is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community arts center established in 2011. Its mission is to enhance community cultural vitality by providing fully accessible dance, theatre and music education in a non-competitive and supportive environment to people of all ages, with a focus on children and youth.
All programming at GMPA supports confidence, creativity and community. GMPA programs are built on the belief that students who have the opportunity to experience the performing arts in a joyful and creative way in their youth, will make them a part of their lives forever. Using the arts as the foundation for building a positive peer culture provides students invaluable lessons in community and social connectedness, while sparking their creativity and revealing talents that may not otherwise be nurtured.
A key aspect of GMPA’s programming and mission is to make the performing arts accessible through low-cost events and tuition assistance. Beyond traditional studio-based classes, GMPA has made it a priority to take the arts to the children and our community. By offering in-school, after school and day camp experiences for children in preschool through high school - community gatherings and arts festivals - we are able to fulfill our mission to bring the arts to students of all abilities, socio-economic classes and cultural backgrounds.