Hannah Center's Giving for Life Concert & Auction

October 2021
08:00 AM CDT
October 2021
08:43 PM CDT

Hannah Center's Giving for Life Concert & Auction

The funds raised through this auction, and through the Hannah Center's Giving for Life Event & Concert, will help Hannah Center serve more women and families in need.
The Hannah Center has experienced a growing demand with typically 5-10 women with children on our waiting list. The average length of stay is 9-12 months.
Through support, education, accountability and case management, the women we serve transform their lives into being strong, independent women capable of supporting themselves and their children in healthy households with healthy lifestyles. The Hannah Center not only positively changes the lives of those we serve, but changes lives for generations.
The Hannah Center is also independent. We do not receive any government funds. We are totally supported by contributions from individuals and organizations who want to reach out to women.

About The Hannah Center

The Hannah Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt entity, founded in 1993, providing a home for women/children in crisis. We provide housing and essential living needs to women who come from backgrounds including: a) chronic homelessness, b) domestic abuse, c) substance abuse, d) legal issues, e) crisis pregnancy and f) lack of resources to promote independent living.

The program includes a variety of holistic services including life-skill classes, counseling, coordination with health/legal entities, employment counseling including job searches, resume building/interview preparation, parenting/child care classes and transportation to school, work and medical appointments.

The goal for all women entering the program is to achieve life skills to live independently to support themselves and their children. The Hannah Center offers an Individual Goal-Based Program for women with children, a pregnant woman or a woman in crisis. This program focuses on achieving goals, support, advocacy, Life Skills Classes and more.

The Hannah Center also offers a one room Urgent Housing Program (UHP). This program meets the basic needs of a woman/children in an urgent housing situation. This is a two-week program while working towards acceptance into the Individual Goal Based Program.

We also have Hannah's Caring Closet which meets the needs of residents and assists community members. Hannah's Caring Closet provides donated baby/children's items to families in need.

Approximately 300 persons annually will be served through our programs. The Hannah Center does not accept state or federal funding. We have existed for over 25 years in Marshfield through the financial partnership of our community.

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