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Free to Be Ministries Summer Silent Auction

Free to Be Ministries
August 2021
08:00 AM EDT
August 2021
08:00 PM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
103.3% REACHED!

Free to Be Ministries Summer Silent Auction

The purpose of our Summer Silent auction is to help recover lost funds as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain operations and foster restored growth. The pandemic had a profound affect on individuals and businesses across the world, and certainly impacted our ability to serve as we desire and also impacted our ability to support our operating expenses. The funds generated from this silent auction will help us recover a deficit that resulted from service disruption over the last 16 months. Our prayerful fundraising goal is $10,000 which will restore our fiscal health so we can continue to serve and grow our ministry and services to the community.

About Free to Be Ministries

Free to Be Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing counseling and prayer ministry. We primarily serve Northeast Ohio individuals seeking freedom from emotional distress, unhealthy behaviors, and spiritual disconnection. We serve through individual or group counseling and prayer sessions, conferences, workshops, group events, retreats, and custom events. Our team is trained in integrative methodologies that engage mind, body and spirit for whole-person healing.

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