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September 2020
08:00 AM PDT
September 2020
11:45 PM PDT
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About Our Auction

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Some of you may know that while we were setting up our Tipi and the cover ripped in many places.

We decided that maybe even though we can’t come together, we can share in this creation of our sacred building which is in the form of A Tipi.

In history the tipi represents the temple, church, our drawing down higher Sky Nation to anchor too the earth

So we became aware we wanted to get a new Canvas Cover (the walls) to this Sacred Structure and a place of Ceremony’s and Gatherings for Grandfather Fire.

Our Tipi cover will be painted and will be to us in 6 weeks so there is a timeline to cover these costs to open the Larger summer and fall spaces to meet at Hummingbird Hill

We are all looking forward to this manifestation of our new sacred structure, and gathering with you there soon.

Here are some of the items you might have a chances to win, each from our talented community members who have helped co-create this fundraiser:

1. An Oil paintings by Yellow Robe (High value item - beautiful original painting).

2. Health check with Zintkala Dr Linda Grass, ND (valued at $150)

3. Designer Fabric Leggings by Dami Paternoster ( $120.00)

4 Soul Purpose Reading with Sweetie (valued at $190)

5. Camping at Cedar Bloom Farm Cabin (Valued at $200)

6. Fine Art Print by Ilan (Valued at $400)

7. Chiropractic visit with Dr. James Stiles (Valued at $150)

About 4WindsCommunityFoundation

Want to join Us at FWCF in making a difference? We are raising money to benefit Four Winds Foundation Inc, and any donation will help make an impact.

We are in Need of New Tipi Cover( they only let 6 years) so ordering one and need to pay for it in 6 weeks.

A tipi is a Sacred Structure, in our teaching a place which calls down the Sky Father( Creator) and anchoring these attributes in the Poles, from the Eagles Nest at the top of the poles. This year as We few members were raising the tipi , our cover ripped. This space is our class room, our healing space and our place of worship. We wish to generate $3000.00 to replace this cover, at Hummingbird Hill in our Sherwood, Oregon location of Lodges and Ceremonies.

Join us and be apart of our GoFund. Any amount will includes you in a place to receive Extra-ordinary items donated by the Members of our Community. Plus, in these chaotic times, we wish to generate the feelings of our Non-Profits goals of Community efforts and the Solidarity to chance to Change lives of our Youth and multi-generational community through our monthly Gatherings. We are a not for profit and run on your donations and generosity.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to uS.

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