FernLeaf Amazing Fall 2018 Online Auction

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November 2018
09:00 AM EST
December 2018
10:03 PM EST
GOAL $5,000.00
50.4% To Goal

About Our Auction

Thank you for checking out FernLeaf’s Amazing On-Line Fall Auction! We hope you will help us make this a successful fundraiser through your bidding. We are so grateful and excited that so many families and friends of the FernLeaf community have donated items to raise money for school supplies, literacy resources, and improvements to our children’s play space. Please join us in our goal to raise $5,000! Thank you!

About FernLeaf Community Charter School

FernLeaf Community Charter School is a tuition free public charter school located in Fletcher, NC with a mission to foster a rich learning environment that embodies the essence of community, understanding, and the human spirit. Grounded in humble respect for our surroundings, the individual, and the world as a whole, we seek to engage the unique passions and aptitudes of our school community so that in addition to achieving academic fluency, students become thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged.

We want our students and teachers to have the resources they need to create a rich learning environment at FernLeaf. Our tax dollars help to fund these things, but charter schools receive a fraction of the funding of traditional schools. We at FernLeaf rely on families, friends and community members to supply the rest. We all pitch in throughout the year to provide those resources, but sometimes keeping up with all the supplies and incremental funding requests can be overwhelming. Various fundraisers such as this one also help supply funding for our wonderful school. Thanks for your generous spirit!

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