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Felling 2022 Trailer for a Cause The Nest

Eagle's Healing Nest
August 2022
07:00 AM CDT
August 2022
12:00 PM CDT

Felling 2022 Trailer for a Cause The Nest

Felling Trailers, Inc. will hold their 10th Annual Trailer for a Cause online auction benefiting the Eagle's Healing Nest. Each year Felling Trailers conducts a "Trailer for a Cause" online auction of an FT-3 drop deck light utility trailer to benefit a non-profit organization. One hundred percent of the winning bid benefits the selected organization.

About Eagle's Healing Nest

Eagle’s Healing Nest is located in Sauk Centre, MN, on 124 acres with 24 buildings, originally Minnesota Home School for Girls from 1911-1967 and then a coeducational model as the Minnesota Home School until 1999. Veterans and volunteers operate the healing center. No government funding is received. "The programs have been created by the veterans and what they felt they needed,” said Melony. “The veterans here come from all across the country, from a failed system, active duty, hospitals, jail, commitments, we don't tell them how long they can be here. They stay as long as they need to heal." Services include a mental health clinic specializing in accelerated resolution therapy, outpatient substance abuse programs, art and rock studios, welding shop, Stable Foundation Ministry (equine program), Project Delta (service dog program), Welcome Home Vet for those ready to transition, “soar" the Nest, and much more.

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