FV's Giant Online Auction!

October 2021
07:00 AM EDT
October 2021
11:00 PM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
0.0% To Goal

FV's Giant Online Auction!

Tammy & Kevin Vaughn, owners of FV's(Fuzzy Vaughn's) Farm are hosting the Giant Angora Online Auction.

The profit from this auction will be distributed as follows:
* 25% WSRBA Youth
* 25% NARBC Youth
* 50% FV's Farm to help cover travel & show expenses & to help fund the making of more beautiful Giant Angoras to share.

98th ARBA Convention
Kentucky Exposition Center
‚Äč937 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209
Louisville, KY

** All Biders Must complete FV's Sales Agreement

** Must pick up all animals at the Kentucky Expo Center on Wednesday 10/27/21, between 7:00 am - 11:00 am. No exceptions.

** Must confirm pick up arrangements with Tammy or Kevin, no later than Tuesday 10/26/21, midnight!


1) To make beautiful Giant Angoras that meet the ARBA Standard.

2) To see the Judges in anguish as they judge my Giants. When the judges feel them they make funny noises, like "Ahhhh, Ohhhhh, Myyyyy" Then they feel the next one and do the same... then the next one... same thing... When the judge has looked at the Giants presented, the judge will have a disgusted look and may even possibly scratch his/her head. Confronted with the task, picking a "Best", when they all are absolutely fantastic. Not only is the wool perfectly groomed top to bottom, but the underside is just as clean, displaying a huge dense Giant fluffy. When the judge attempts to locate the body, running their hands over the topline, that is when you will hear the noises generally will start, they find an absolutely rock hard commercial type body under that mountain of goodness wool. Can we stay and win another BIS? Oh how exciting!

3) To achieve my top breeding challenges;
- Senior weight requirement easily met by 8 months
- Easy maintenance Coat, while being tremendously dense, and must have sensually soft abundant wool
- Perfect commercial body type
- Mild, calm, sweet temperament
- Colors... oh my yes, lets have fantastic colors!

4) To consistently breed 90-99.99% BIS Contenders. In the future, the challenges listed here will no longer on my immediate radar, as all my rabbits will have all these attributes.

We have a while to go yet, LOL. Lots of work to do!

5) To help spread great quality Giants in the NW, and across the Nation. Spreading the Giant Fuzzy Love!

6) TO HAVE FUN! That actually should be number one! Without fun, why do it? Why clean cages? Why cry over lost bunnies? Why dredge across the countryside in the dead of night for yet another rabbit show? Why eat dinner with fuzz on your tongue? Why sleep with fuzz in your nose? Why smell like rabbit dung even though you only went to the barn for a quick check on kits-then while your back is turned your favorite buck sprays & demonstrates his fondness of you?

The list is endless... Honestly, I know I will not get rich doing this, it will make my husband much easier to get along with, if I can at least pay for my feed bill. Bottom line, I am driven primarily in this whole Giant Angora Crazy Fuzziness,


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Lover of Giant Angoras and life long apprenticeship in utilizing their abundant fluff.

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