Fremont Parents' Nursery School 2021 Auction

April 2021
09:00 AM PDT
April 2021
08:03 PM PDT

About Our Auction

Our preschool has been engaging in distance learning since March, 2020.
This has been a significant financial hardship for our school, but we remain dedicated to serving our students, families, and community. Your support will help us and our families continue to thrive.

About Fremont Parents' Nursery School

To establish a safe space to discover the intricate dynamics of child, family and community by empowering parents as their children’s primary teachers.

Fremont Parents’ Nursery School enhances the influence of family and community in children’s early education.

Our purpose is for children to regard themselves as individuals who are worthy of love and belonging. It is our intent that they carry a strong desire to pursue curiosity and regard mistakes as opportunities for growth.

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