Frank Lloyd Wright's 153rd Birthday Celebration

Taliesin Preservation
May 2020
04:00 PM CDT
June 2020
At Midnight CDT

About Our Auction

Taliesin Preservation is a Wisconsin based 501(c)(3) founded in 1993. Its mission is to preserve Taliesin’s natural, built, and cultural environments through educational and cultural programming and to provide a greater understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and ideas. Since its founding in 1993, over half a million people have experienced Taliesin. In 2019, Taliesin was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to recognize Frank Lloyd Wright’s impact on 20th Century Modern Architecture.

This year’s auction items focus not just on the estate’s architecture, but also on the landscape and agricultural aspects of the estate. Both were very much a part of Taliesin’s ongoing legacy of the intersection of the natural and built environments. In addition to private tours of the Main House, our offered dinners will showcase Taliesin Preservation’s Food Artisan Immersion Program (FAIP), which is a culinary course exploring cultivation, craft, and community of regionally reliant foodways of Wisconsin’s greater sustainable agriculture community.

The Food Artisan Immersion Program draws its inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision for Taliesin as a living laboratory where culture, architecture, agriculture, and the natural environment converge around the desire to explore everyday life.

All auction items will be scheduled accordingly with the winning bidder and availability of Taliesin Preservation. Auction redemption is valid through December 2021.

About Taliesin Preservation

Taliesin Preservation preserves the cultural, built and natural environments of Taliesin and conducts public educational and cultural programming that provide a greater understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and ideas.

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