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2021 Hibernation Celebration

Franklin Educational Foundation
November 2021
08:00 AM CST
December 2021
08:11 PM CST
GOAL $7,500.00
138.4% REACHED!

2021 Hibernation Celebration

Looking for that special gift and want to support local businesses? Look no further than our online auction to support Franklin Public Schools!

We have a great variety of baskets, gift certificates, activities, and more for you and your family to enjoy! Proceeds will go directly to our student emergency fund, student scholarships, and educational grants.

A few of the grants we are supporting with the auction:

- CNC Lathe for FHS Saber Manufacturing
- New Projectors for the Elementary School gyms
- New Clay Recycler for the FHS Ceramics Department
- New STEM materials for the Automation Unit at FPMS

About Franklin Educational Foundation

MAXIMIZE STUDENT POTENTIAL. A seemingly simple mission statement that carries a lot of responsibility!

Our vision is to create a partnership between the community, educators and students to provide innovative educational opportunities. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, our desire is to maximize each and every Franklin Public School student's potential by funding and supporting our educators' and staffs' innovative ideas and technologies that reach beyond the financial means of the district. From projects like cutting edge laser technologies for tech classes to an outdoor mobile environmental classroom, we work hard to raise funds and develop reationships with the community businesses and leaders to invest in one our most treasured resources...our students' futures.

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