Taste of the World Virtual Auction

Merze Tate Explorers
May 2021
07:00 AM EDT
May 2021
07:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Provide 10 $1,000 scholarships to 5 girls in the U.S. and 5 girls in Tanzania!

A partnership between 25 girls from two continents has allowed them to joined forces toward economic and educational empowerment. The Merze Tate Explorers in the U.S. and the WoteSawa Young Domestic Workers organization in Tanzania, have combined their talents as fashion designers and media makers to raise funds for scholarships for 10 girls in both organizations!

The hand-crafted items from the WoteSawa students are joined with items donated from supporting businesses to not only provide a unique way for local businesses to give to the education of girls, but to provide them with recognition and support as they provide services, experiences, and more to their community.

About Merze Tate Explorers

The Merze Tate Explorers began in 2008 to provide phenomenal on-location career and college exploration to girls in West Michigan using media! Today, more than 200 travel writers in grades 4th-12th have met and interviewed women in leadership roles at such places as Kellogg's and Whirlpool, and traveled the world, and have interviewed Oscar winners, history-making astronauts, authors, and more!

A partnership with the WoteSawa Young Domestic Workers in Tanzania allows the girls on both continents to inspire one another with a sisterhood that promotes education and economic empowerment! Funds from this auction will be shared among the organizations on both continents to provide scholarships for girls to change the world!

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