Ethan's Army

Hunt Club Volkswagen
May 2018
01:00 PM EDT
June 2018
12:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Hunt Club VW is committed to helping raise funds to support the Tucker family and their brave son Ethan.

Ethan Tucker is a 13 year old boy, oldest of the Tuckers 4 children. He loves fishing, computer games, his 2 dogs Lexi and Griffin and the TV series Supernatural and River Monsters. Ethan is from Brockville and is in Grade 8 at BCI. On January of this year only 1 month after Ethan's 13th Birthday, he was diagnosed with a large Brain Tumor called a Medullablastoma. Ethan underwent 2 brain surgeries and radiation.

Ethan is suffering from Posterior Fossa Syndrome a side effect of the surgery, that has left him unable to talk, walk or eat. Ethan is undergoing extensive rehab therapy to recover these skills. In a few weeks Ethan will start Chemo Therapy that will last 6-9 months. Ethan has been in CHEO for 4 months and its uncertain at this time when he will be able to go home.

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