2023 Elevate Aviation Inspire Silent Auction

Elevate Aviation
September 2023
At Midnight MDT
October 2023
10:00 PM MDT
GOAL $15,000.00
101.7% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Each year, Inspire raises funds for our core programs and operational costs, as well as contributes to programming at the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre. Every dollar raised goes back into our organization, allowing us to spread the word about careers in aviation, create more courses and training opportunities for women to achieve economic security, and close the gender gap in the male dominated industry.

Our 2023 Inspire silent auction is raising funds for the improvement and sustainability of our programs including our national mentorship program and Cross Country Tour.

The Cross Country Tour visits cities from coast to coast to provide a full day of aviation career awareness to inspire and empower youth to explore the world of aviation and pursue exciting career opportunities within the industry. This one-of-a-kind tour aims to ignite passion, unlock potential, and provide valuable insights into the diverse and rewarding fields of aviation presented exclusively by women. Through hands-on activities, inspiring guest speakers and engaging industry tours, the tours seeks to inspire exploration, broaden horizons, foster diversity and inclusion, and engage participants with industry experts. This event is completely free of charge to guests and is made possible through our Inspire fundraising and sponsorship.

Our mentorship program, Elevate Aviation’s ‘Flight Path to Success’, provides support to women seeking careers in aviation and throughout their career. We connect motivated women with successful women already in the field. This proven approach to drive rich learning and development enables women to achieve their desired level of success. We now have over 250 mentors from coast to coast and over 760 mentees currently in the program. Funds raised from the Inspire program will allow us to further develop and improve the program as it continues to expand.

About Elevate Aviation

Elevate Aviation began with a passion to help women become strong, independent and self-sustainable. Women are vastly underrepresented in the aviation and aerospace sectors and Elevate Aviation was created to close the gender gap. Below is just a small sampling of the statistics we wish to change:

- Women make up only 6% of private pilots in Canada
- Fewer than 5% of all airline transport pilot license holders are female
- Female mechanics make up under 2% of mechanics worldwide
- Only 11% of aerospace engineers are women
- Women hold only 16% of jobs as Air Traffic Controllers in Canada
- Less than 19% of the Royal Canadian Air Force are women

Elevate Aviation's goal is to create a shift in the aviation industry that promotes gender balance by connecting women with a network of support. We encourage women to pursue careers in the aviation industry and provide support to those who dream of a career in aviation. Elevate Aviation amplifies women's voices that are already in the field and provides a platform for women to thrive and succeed. By partnering with other industry professionals and organizations, we are creating a disruption in the current climate and seeing amazing results.

Elevate Aviation has several programs in place to assist women in becoming successful in the challenging and rewarding aviation industry:

- The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre
- Mentorship Program
- Cross Country Tour
- Speakers
- Bursaries
- Inspire

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