2022 Elevate Aviation Inspire Silent Auction banner image

2022 Elevate Aviation Inspire Silent Auction

Elevate Aviation
September 2022
10:00 AM MDT
October 2022
10:03 PM MDT
GOAL $15,000.00
94.1% To Goal

2022 Elevate Aviation Inspire Silent Auction

Each year, Inspire raises funds for our Mentorship and Bursary programs, as well as for the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre. Every dollar raised goes back into our organization, allowing us to spread the word about careers in aviation, create more courses and training opportunities for women to achieve economic security, and close the gender gap in the male dominated industry.

Our 2022 Inspire silent auction is raising funds for our brand new Aviation Readiness Training programs at the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre. These programs provide essential skills training, employability training, and aviation career skills training. The programs are offered to women and underrepresented groups who are unemployed, low income, or in vulnerable situations to help them become self-sustainable and enter into an industry that provides excellent careers and room for growth and advancement.

About Elevate Aviation

Elevate Aviation provides a platform for women and underrepresented groups to thrive and succeed through careers in aviation. Our goal is to create a shift in the aviation industry that promotes gender balance through our many national programs.

Women are vastly underrepresented in the aviation and aerospace sectors and Elevate Aviation was created to close the gender gap. Below is just a small sampling of the statistics we wish to change:

- Women make up only 6% of private pilots in Canada
- Fewer than 5% of all airline transport pilot license holders are female
- Female mechanics make up under 2% of mechanics worldwide
- Only 11% of aerospace engineers are women
- Women hold only 16% of jobs as Air Traffic Controllers in Canada
- Less than 19% of the Royal Canadian Air Force are women

By partnering with other industry professionals and organizations, we are creating a disruption in the current climate and seeing amazing results.

Elevate Aviation has several programs in place to assist women and underrepresented groups in becoming successful in the challenging and rewarding aviation industry:

- The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre
- Nationwide Mentorship Program
- Cross-Country Tours
- Speakers
- Bursary Program
- Masterclass Training

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