Elephants Austin's Giant Steps for ENP

Elephants Austin
August 2022
05:15 PM CDT
September 2022
08:30 PM CDT
GOAL $5,000.00
147.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Let's build an elephant clinic! Elephants Austin is supporting the fundraising campaign of our friends at Trunks Up for the build of a clinic for sick and abused elephants at Elephant Nature Park.

Why support the building of an elephant clinic at Elephant Nature Park?
During Covid, Lek Chailert has taken many elephants into her care that have been rejected by their owners due to lack of income from tourism; many of them require medical care. As the herds continue to grow at Elephant Nature Park, so does the need for a state of the art clinic that can provide the urgent care these elephants and the current residents require. With your help, we will support the Trunks Up campaign and improve the lives of the many elephants that are under the care of Elephant Nature Park.

Live in Austin and the surrounding area? Grab tickets to our live event HERE: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/elephantsaustin/736186
All proceeds from the event benefit the build of the clinic at Elephant Nature Park.

About Elephants Austin

Elephants Austin is a nonprofit that provides guardianship to the highly endangered Asian elephant. We’ve seen first- hand the tears in captive elephants' eyes, and we’ve seen them rejoice once they arrive at sanctuary.
It is our mission to educate the public and our supporters on the urgent problems facing captive elephants today. We fight for their freedom from abuse and captivity, targeting the dark side of tourism in Thailand and elsewhere. We advocate for their journey to liberation through the funding of rescue missions, and we support their extended care in ethical sanctuaries once they get there.

All of these efforts are made possible through education, fundraising, and contributions to our nonprofit.

Please join us on our journey to liberate and save this keystone species, the Asian elephant.

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Live Event Information

Live Event for Giant Steps -

This event will be on September 24th from 6-9 at Stinson's Coffee House and Bar in Austin, Texas. This is a sold out event. The online auction will also be available live for this event. The online auction will close at the same time as the live auction concurrently. During the live auction, bids will be made on the online auction platform by use of cellular device by the patrons. All bidding live and online ends at 8:30.