2023 Eco-Justice Center Silent Auction

Eco-Justice Center
September 2023
07:00 PM CDT
September 2023
06:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

The funds Eco-J raises:

-Contributes towards garden production – over 30% of which is donated to the Northside Food Pantry
-Buys 140 bales of hay & 45 bales of straw for more than 30 animals on the farm
-Purchases 58 bags of chicken feed
-Pays for vet care for our aging alpacas
-Contributes towards education of school groups,summer camp children, and visitors

About Eco-Justice Center

The Eco-Justice Center is an environmental education center and organic farm founded by Racine Dominican Sisters in 2004. As a ministry partner of the Racine Dominicans, Eco-J offers programming for lifelong learning designed to encourage exploration, connect people with sustainable growing practices, and promote healthier ecosystems. Our programs encourage participants of all ages, faiths, races and socio-economic backgrounds to learn from the wisdom of Nature.

The funds Eco-J raises go toward solutions and education to decrease our carbon footprint and increase options in sustainability. Alternative energy, organic farming, working in harmony with the land are all ways in which we do our part to ensure a better tomorrow.

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