Earthrise Artist Pay!

Electric Eye Ensemble
October 2017
08:00 AM EDT
November 2017
10:00 PM EST
GOAL $800.00
110.3% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Thank you all for your incredible support! We're raising our fundraising goal to $800! The money will be used to compensate the artists who are making Earthrise, a new play by Electric Eye Ensemble.

Earthrise is a devised play, which means we build the material for the show together in the rehearsal room. We start with extensive research, and then improvise to explore different ideas and create scenes. Since this show is all about surprises and changing perspectives we've also included movement, puppetry, and magic.

This is a long and expensive way of making theater, but we believe this process leads to a deeper and more meaningful play - a play that reflects the values and knowledge of a community rather than a single individual. We're committed to this way of working, and the money we raise through this auction will help compensate the artists for the incredible amount of time and energy they've put into making this unique show.

2018 will be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 space mission, which our show revolves around. In celebration of this monumental event, we'll be working to complete the play for a world premier next year. This spring we'll create another 20-30 minutes of material, likely doing a workshop showing in New York City. In early summer we plan to bring the show to Ithaca, New York for a residency and production.

What if you saw a photo that was so breathtakingly beautiful it changed the way you thought about everything? What if that happened to everyone on Earth at the same time? Earthrise is a puppetry love letter to the Earth, remembering the moment on Christmas Eve in 1968 when our world was photographed by astronauts in space and our relationship with this planet changed forever.

Performers: Leah Ogawa, Evelyn Dumont, Renata Soares
Director: Sarah Plotkin
Puppet Builder and Puppetry Supervisor: Andrew Murdock
Sound Designer: C. Swan-Streepy
Movement Supervisor: Julia Corrigan

About Electric Eye Ensemble

Electric Eye Ensemble creates original plays and theatrical events that explore the stories forgotten or unheard in American culture. As a community, we identify narratives that represent an important change in American history, and explore them through a non-dominant perspective. Our work is political, timely, and based in first hand accounts, seeking to create parallels with the modern American context. It is highly theatrical, often rooted in movement, music, and puppetry.

Original plays include Earthrise (Dixon Place), Welcome to the Doll Den (The Tank) and Home in Motion (WOW Cafe Theatre). We also produce a once-a-month creation and creativity workshop called Artist Gym for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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