Halter Auction

February 2021
08:00 PM EST
February 2021
09:00 PM EST
GOAL $15,000.00
14.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Thank you to everyone who bid and congrats to our winners!!! ASHA will be reaching out to you with information on how to pay shortly!

EWAC is happy to ship the halters at our cost, or you can choose to cover $20 shipping as part of your donation.


The ASHA Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee (EWAC) is launching a fundraiser to raise much needed funds to help horses in need through welfare seizure cases and Bruce Hanson Grant Program for 501c3 rescue organizations.

The EWAC is not a budgeted committee for the ASHA. As such, any funds available to the committee are provided solely by donations. Bruce Hanson, an early advocate for equine welfare provided the seed money for the Committee to assist organizations and rescues in the following manner:

The Bruce Hanson Grant: This grant is available to eligible 501c(3) rescue organizations and may be applied for every other year. For details, please refer to the Bruce Hanson Grant application.

Emergency Funding. As the EWAC is not a rescue organization, it cannot step in and directly assist unless there is a seizure by a legal entity (i.e. Animal Control or the local police department) or in the case where EWAC works with a rescue organization in a direct surrender. When a seizure or surrender has occurred, the organization receiving the animals, whether they are 501c(3) or not, may apply for emergency funding.

About Equine Welfare Advocacy Committee

The EWAC serves as an information portal for the Saddlebred. While rescue is a part of equine welfare, the EWAC is not a rescue organization.

Given the declining numbers within the Saddlebred breed, the role of the EWAC is of more importance than ever. The EWAC seeks to protect and advocate the breed, while searching for avenues to promote
both the breed and public perception of the breed, as well as increase ownership of the breed.

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